Lyrics Kenneth Jones
Music Gerald Stockstill

Written and Conceived by Stockstill and Jones

NAUGHTY/NICE is an original holiday-themed musical comedy revue for grown-ups in which four quick-change adult performers (two men, two women) and a pianist bring to life a flurry of children's letters to Santa Claus, written by an assortment of (fictional) misfit kids from around the world.

Subversive and darkly comic, the 90-minute musical seeks to reveal the other side of Christmas — the one where kids' holiday hopes are colored by the shortcomings in their lives, or the programming they've received from adults.

The solos, duets and group numbers, often flirting with musical comedy conventions and pop styles, are theatrical representations of the missives. Although the letters are sometimes outrageous, outlandish and profane, the kid-authors are utterly sincere; they don't think they're funny or wrong at all. 

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